Frequently Asked Questions

VOYO is a small discrete device that is attached to the diagnostics port under your dash and communicates with the VOYO app to connect your car to your mobile phone. VOYO provides direct insights into your car and driving experience to improve safety, convenience and vehicle health.

VOYO is based on advanced diagnostic equipment used by the automotive industry, fleets, and developers of advanced driving applications. Unlike most consumer OBD-II “dongles” that use limited information, VOYO uses a wide array of advanced vehicle data to create new and powerful applications.

Use the interactive Tour the VOYO App to see the multiple features offered including: Diagnostics, Lookout Alerts incl. advanced battery and tire health, Driving Log, Lock/unlock of doors and trunk (supported vehicles only), Dashboard to track multiple vehicles, Vehicle Locator, Data Sharing and Social Media Integration.

Voyomotive and Intelematics offer battery checks using advanced vehicle data. A warning is issued if there is a 70% chance of battery failure within the next 2-4 weeks. Click here to learn more.

The VOYO Vehicles Snapshot is a monthly email that summarizes how you’ve used your car and if there are any maintenance or recall issues. You can always find more detailed information in the VOYO app.

What usage information does Snapshot provide?

Snapshot provides miles driven, driving time, number of trips, fuel used, fuel economy, CO2 emissions and idling time. Data is shown for last month, change from previous month, and year to date.

What maintenance information does Snapshot provide?

Snapshot shows mileage, battery health, remaining oil life, tire pressure, trouble codes, and manufacturer recall notices on most cars. You can check which features are supported for your car here.

How is the Snapshot information updated?

Snapshot data is updated when the VOYO app is connected to the VOYO device. To make sure your monthly reports are complete, connect your app to the device on the last day of the month.

Are you missing data?

Check the Snapshot report to see when the VOYO device and app were last connected. Any missing data is likely stored on VOYO and will transfer the next time the app is connected. This additional information will be included in the year to date values in next month’s report.

Which Snapshot features are supported for my car?

Click here to see which features are supported for your car. You can also click “Settings” and then “Supported Features” in your VOYO app.

How is “idling time” calculated?

Snapshot reports a vehicle as idling when the engine is on and the vehicle is not moving. Idling can mean the vehicle is either stopped in traffic or parked with the engine on.

What does “battery health” mean?

Voyomotive uses FailSAFE analytics to predict when a car’s battery is likely to fail. Your Snapshot report will show “Healthy”, “Unhealthy” or “Unknown”. A report of “Unknown” means VOYO needs to collect more information before a “Healthy/Unhealthy” evaluation can be made. You can read more about FailSAFE here.

How do you measure tire pressure?

The tire pressure reported is measured at the time the engine was shut off at the end of the last reported trip. As tire pressure increases when a vehicle is driven, it is normal to see values slightly higher than when starting a trip.

What does “trouble code” mean?

When your car detects a malfunction, it creates a diagnostic trouble code on one of the car’s computers. Using VOYO with Scan Pro’s advanced diagnostic capabilities, Snapshot provides a list of trouble codes that were active on your car in the last month. Click on the code link in the report to see a detailed description and helpful service information provided by AutoCodes. You can also access more diagnostic information within the VOYO app or click here to learn about Scan Pro.

What are new recalls?

Snapshot lists new safety recall notifications issued by the manufacturer for your car in the last month. Additional information on new and existing recalls can be found by checking your car’s information in the VOYO app.

Can I get Snapshots for more than one vehicle?

Absolutely! The Snapshot email includes a separate section for each VOYO device your phone app is connected to. Please note that you can’t unsubscribe to reports for individual devices/cars.

Scan Pro is a groundbreaking new diagnostic application equivalent to a professional scan tool found at dealerships or service centers. Click here to learn more.

VOYO is plug and play with no tools required. It connects to the OBD-II port of the car which is generally located under the car’s dashboard. The VOYO app is used to set up your account and securely connect to your VOYO device. The set up process can be completed in under 2 minutes.

Once it is connected to your car, VOYO adapts its hardware configuration for your specific model of vehicle. Click here to see which features are supported for your vehicle.

The VOYO app requires an iPhone running on iOS 8.4 or higher or an Android running on 8.0 or higher. VOYO uses Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy to connect to your phone.

VOYO will store data which is transferred the next time it connects to the VOYO app. As this data is transferred, you may see the VOYO app screen incrementally updating information including your vehicle’s location. Please note – if the VOYO is disconnected from the port, any stored data will be lost and unavailable for transfer once the device is reconnected.

VOYO uses your cell phone to communicate with the Voyomotive Cloud. Standard data usage is typically less than 20 MB per month. A VOYO with an embedded cellular modem is also planned.

To ensure the highest level of data security, VOYO uses 256-bit encryption for data transfer throughout the system.

You can order VOYO directly from our website as well as on Amazon and is currently shipped to locations in the USA and Canada. Availability for additional international markets is planned.

Yes, click here to learn how to update your firmware, see your current version, and find other information about your VOYO.

Yes, the VOYO app allows users to request and approve connections with other VOYOs to create a vehicle network. All vehicles within a network can be viewed from the VOYO app using the Dashboard screen or use the Homescreen for more detailed information on an individual vehicle. When a vehicle is turned on and connected to the VOYO app, live data is streamed real time to provide updates on location as well as safety and diagnostic alerts.

It’s easy, no need to do anything differently. Simply plug it into the new vehicle and wait about 2 minutes with the engine on. Your VOYO will automatically read the new VIN and download a new configuration.

Reasons for this message include:
You are trying to link a new account to a secondhand device. Once a VOYO has been onboarded, only people with existing admin privileges can add new users. For reasons of privacy and security, Voyomotive cannot accept 3rd party requests to add new users to (or create new accounts for) a device. In this case, we suggest you request a refund from the seller.

You created a new account after moving your VOYO to a new car or after reinstalling the app. A new account is not needed in either case. Simply plug in your device and connect your app using your original account information. If needed, log out of the VOYO app from the Settings menu, and log back in with your original account using the “Have an Account? Log in” option at the “Get Started” screen.

You will need to complete the onboarding process linking your VOYO app account with the VOYO device. If the device has already been onboarded, you will need a user with Admin privileges to share access to that device with your VOYO account.

Click here to learn how to delete your VOYO account.