Everything you want to know about VOYO

What is VOYO? VOYO allows drivers to increase driving safety, convenience, and fuel efficiency. Based on advanced diagnostic equipment used by the automotive industry, the Voyo is a small controller that connects to the OBD-II port of a car. Unlike most consumer OBD-II dongles that use generic information, the VOYO acquires advanced vehicle data that enables new and exciting apps.

What are the Voyomotive Relays? The Voyomotive Relays wirelessly connect with the VOYO to provide additional vehicle security and fuel savings. The relays are optional and purchased separately from VOYO.

How do I install VOYO and Voyomotive Relays? VOYO and Voyomotive Relays are plug and play with no equipment required. VOYO connects to the OBD-II of the car which is generally located under the car’s dashboard. Voyomotive Relays replace one – two standard relays found in the fuse box of the car. The VOYO app will help you find the right location of the OBD-II port and how to connect the relays to your car.

What App features are included?  What is Premium Pack? VOYO  provides a wide array of Standard features with the purchase of the device including:  Lock/unlock of doors and trunk, Vehicle Network (create and manage a network of vehicles from a single Dashboard screen), Diagnostics, Aware Alerts, Vehicle Locator, Driving Log, Alert Notifications, Social Media Integration. With purchase of Voyomotive relays, additional Standard features include Immobilizer, Stop@Park, EcoStart.

Premium Pack Services include:  AutoKey, AutoTrunk, AutoStop, AutoMobilize, Immobilizer Clock, Advanced Diagnostics.  Premium Pack Services are available on a trial basis for 30 days after which an annual subscription is required.

Will VOYO work on my car? To deliver its advanced features, VOYO is “tuned” to specific models of vehicles. Check here to see which features are supported for your vehicle.

Standard features such as Driving Log, Vehicle Location, Accident Alert, and Diagnostics (with a limited range of codes) are supported for all models of cars from 1996 or newer.

What phones does the VOYO App run on? The initial release of the VOYO App requires an iPhone running on iOS 8.4 or higher. An Android version of the app is in development. VOYO uses Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy to connect to a phone.

How does VOYO connect to the Voyomotive Cloud? VOYO uses your cell phone to communicate with the Voyomotive Cloud. Standard usage is typically less than 20 MB per month. A VOYO with an embedded cellular modem is also planned.

Is VOYO secure? To ensure the highest level of data security, VOYO uses 256-bit encryption for data transfer throughout the system.

Where will VOYO be sold? VOYO is sold exclusively in the USA with plans to expand into international markets in late 2017.

When will VOYO be available? Voyomotive is now taking orders.  VOYO Controller is shipping now and relays will ship in Q4 2017. Place your order here.

What is EcoStart? EcoStart is the world’s first plug and play Start/Stop system. Start/Stop is an anti-idling technology that saves fuel by shutting off the engine when the vehicle is stopped. Car manufacturers claim that Start/Stop increases fuel efficiency up to 10%. The average VOYO driver who saves 20 minutes of idling per day will save hundreds of dollars a year, reducing gas consumption by over 60 gallons and decrease CO2 emissions by over 1200 lbs. To use EcoStart, a driver connects the VOYO and two Voyomotive Relays.  You can read more about this exciting feature at the EcoStart FAQ.

Does Voyomotive have an API? Yes, learn more about the advanced data provided by Voyomotive API here.