Updating VOYO Firmware

Updating VOYO Firmware

Updating your firmware to the most current version ensures your VOYO will support the latest features for your vehicle.

The latest VOYO firmware is Version 7090.

To update your firmware simply:

1. Connect the VOYO app to the VOYO.

2. Turn on your car and drive like normal.

3. Pop up screens will appear showing the download progress. (Typical download time is 15 – 20 minutes.)

4. Once the download is complete, the firmware installs the next time you start your engine.

Note:  The download does not have to complete in a single drive.  The update will download incrementally for shorter drives and install once the download is completed and the engine restarted.

Checking your firmware version and other information about your VOYO device:

1. In the VOYO app, go to “Settings”, then select your vehicle under “Your VOYO Network”.

2. At the bottom of the page, click on the banner that includes “VOYO Controller Version”.

3. The following screen includes information about your VOYO device including firmware version.