What is Scan Pro?

How healthy is your car?

A recent study found that up to 16% of cars had issues that required service.  Approximately one-third of these cars had problems that reduce fuel efficiency resulting in gas being wasted and producing unnecessary emissions of CO2 and other pollutants.  The remaining vehicles had mechanical/electrical problems that would eventually result in the car un-expectantly not starting or a major component failure including the engine.

VOYO with Scan Pro now gives consumers the ability to detect hidden problems on their cars to diagnose problems early and schedule service to pre-empt more serious and expensive problems from developing.

What is Scan Pro?

VOYO with Scan Pro is a first of its kind application that allows the VOYO controller to run a professional level diagnostic test remotely on your car. Other consumer OBD-II devices only read generic codes from a single controller on a car that represents between 5-10% of the possible trouble codes. By comparison, VOYO with Scan Pro reads manufacturer Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTC) from all of a car’s controllers which are typically only accessed using an expensive professional scan tool. The Scan Pro feature is accessed within the VOYO app and is supported for over 145 million vehicles in the USA and Canada.

How does Scan Pro work?

To use Scan Pro first install the VOYO app and connect the VOYO device to your car. Set up time takes less than two minutes. From within the VOYO app, go to the Control Panel and press the “Scan for Diagnostic Alerts” bar. VOYO then runs a full diagnostic on your car and cross references this information with the Voyomotive Cloud to produce the Scan Pro Report in your app.

When the Scan Pro report is created in the VOYO app, it displays the type and number of controllers accessed and lists the trouble codes detected for a given controller. The report also includes important information related to servicing your car including its make, model and year, Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) and real odometer value.

Note – The VOYO app must be connected to the VOYO device and the vehicle in the “key on” position to run a complete scan.

Additional information includes the diagnostic trouble code contained on a given controller and details on the code status.  The Scan Pro report includes a description and status of the trouble code (Active, Pending, or History), Symptom data and the time and date the code was set. The Scan Pro report can be shared by email, SMS or posted to Social Media. In addition, codes can be cleared from within the VOYO app.

What are the benefits of Scan Pro?

Most vehicle owners assume that the Check Engine light will notify them if there is a problem with their car. The truth is that there are many types of diagnostic trouble codes that do not show up on a dashboard indicator. While some trouble codes are often nonthreatening, other are indicative of problems with vehicle performance or critical safety systems.  Left unaddressed, minor maintenance issues can develop into major, costly service repairs.

Scan Pro also informs consumer with more precise information on the nature of their car’s problem. With this information, a vehicle owner can determine which service centers are best suited for the repair and to request with confidence a price quote by phone or email and as opposed to visiting several different locations.

Does scan pro work on my car?

Scan Pro works on many makes of cars built since 2008 including all models of Ford, Toyota, Nissan, Honda, Fiat Chrysler, Hyundai, and KIA. Scan Pro also works on GM models but at this time only reads 50% of the available codes but can access all vehicle controllers. If Scan Pro is not available for your vehicle, the diagnostic report will have a title of “VOYO Scan” using results from a limited set of trouble codes accessed from single vehicle controller. New makes and models are being added monthly and check the Supported Vehicles section to see what features are available for your car.

Technical Note on Scan Pro:

You may see that the number of reported controllers for your vehicles varies between scans or from other similar vehicle models. The number of controllers that VOYO Scan Pro scans can depend on the operating state of the vehicle. For example, having the engine running, the brake pedal pressed, or the seatbelt unbuckled can result in different numbers of controllers available for the diagnostic scan. Additionally, the number of controllers that are scanned on a given vehicle depend on the options that are available on the vehicle. The same make and model of vehicle can have different numbers of controllers scanned depending on the options available, such as power seats, power liftgate, or all-wheel drive.