What is VOYO?

What is VOYO?

Upgrade your car with
new features in 2 minutes

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Plug and Play – no tools required

Works on all cars in the USA/Canada since 1996

Connects to the VOYO app using bluetooth low energy

Security – AES 256 Encryption

iPhone and Android versions available

Social Media – Data Sharing

$100 with no network fee


Monitor multiple vehicles from a single screen

Track which vehicles are driving or parked

See vehicle locations update in real time

Get real time Lookout alerts

Sort by vehicle or driver name

Get detailed trip history by vehicle

Lookout Alerts

Sent by SMS, email and the VOYO app.

Real time alerts from all cars in your network:

Engine On

Vehicle Health

Hard braking

Low tire pressure

Vehicle swerving


And more!

Scan Pro

Professional level diagnostic

5X more powerful than the competition

Monitors your car in real time

Send results direct to your mechanic

Works on over 150 million vehicles


Use VOYO app to control your:

Door locks and Trunk

Autokey – a hands free feature to lock and unlock your door

AutoTrunk – automatically pops the trunk next time you approach the car

Let friends access your vehicle using the VOYO app.

Plus many other features!

Find my Vehicle

Trips reported by day, week, month or year.

Miles Driven, Trip Times

Gas use, CO2 created

Privacy & Data sharing settings

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VOYO is constantly adding new features and capabilities.

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