What is VOYO?

The World’s Most Advanced Connected Car Technology

VOYO upgrades your car with modern features that surpass the tech used on expensive new vehicles.

VOYO increases driving safety, convenience, and vehicle security while monitoring your car’s health.

VOYO connects to the OBD-II port of any car sold in the USA from 1996 and newer.

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Easy Installation

Plug and play with no tools required

Sets up in under two minutes

Use live streaming data to track a network of vehicles from a single screen.

Trip Log
Display trip routes. mileage, fuel, and CO2 produced. Use the calendar feature to review data by day, week, month or year.

Alert Notifications
Send/receive alerts on malfunctions, driver behavior and unauthorized access for connected vehicles.

Vehicle Location
Show vehicle location with a directional icon.

Standard Diagnostics
See diagnostic codes with detailed descriptions.

Speed Alerts
Receive reports of speeds in excess of the threshold set by user in the App.

AES 256-bit encryption throughout the system.

User has full control of settings for data sharing and can delete trip and alert information from all connected VOYO App’s.

Door Lock/Unlock
Use the Control Panel to lock/unlock your doors.

Hands-free lock/unlock of doors based on proximity of an authorized phone.

Trunk Unlock
Pop the trunk using the Control Panel.

Automatically pop the trunk the next time you approach the vehicle.

Advanced Diagnostics – Scan Pro
Read diagnostic codes typically only visible using professional diagnostic equipment.

Social Media/Data Sharing
Share your car data by SMS, email or post to social media.

Cloud Connectivity
VOYO uses Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy to connect to your cell phone and link to the Voyomotive Cloud.

Aware Alerts
VOYO crowdsources driving hazards and posts icons to the App Drive Screen. (Future release.)

  Relays – Security and Fuel Saving Applications

(Future Release)

Security feature to restrict engine start using the App (VOYO + 1 relay).

Immobilizer Clock
Set times periods by which the car engine is immobilized (VOYO + 1 relay).

Stop @ Park
Shuts off engine when transmission is shifted to park (VOYO + 1 relay).


VOYO Controller: $100

Voyomotive Relay: $50 (Future Release)

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