What is Voyo?

Upgrade your car with
new features in 2 minutes

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  • Plug and Play – no tools required
  • Works on all cars in the USA/Canada since 1996
  • Connects to the VOYO app using bluetooth low energy
  • Security – AES 256 Encryption
  • iPhone and Android versions available
  • Social Media – Data Sharing
  • $100 with no network fee


  • Monitor multiple vehicles from a single screen
  • Track which vehicles are driving or parked
  • See vehicle locations update in real time
  • Get real time Lookout alerts
  • Sort by vehicle or driver name
  • Get detailed trip history by vehicle


Sent by SMS, email and the VOYO app.

Real time alerts from all cars in your network:

  • Engine On
  • Vehicle Health
  • Hard braking
  • Low tire pressure
  • Vehicle swerving
  • Speeding
  • And More!


  • Professional level diagnostic
  • 5X more powerful than the competition
  • Monitors your car in real time
  • Send results direct to your mechanic
  • Works on over 150 million vehicles


Use VOYO app to control your:

  • Door locks and Trunk
  • Autokey – a hands free feature to lock and unlock your door
  • AutoTrunk – automatically pops the trunk next time you approach the car
  • Let friends access your vehicle using the VOYO app.


  • Find my Vehicle
  • Trips reported by day, week, month or year.
  • Miles Driven, Trip Times
  • Gas use, CO2 created
  • Privacy & Data sharing settings

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