Voyomotive Releases Scan Pro! Most advanced diagnostic feature of its kind

Today, Voyomotive announced the release of VOYO with Scan Pro – an advanced diagnostic feature that gives consumers the ability to detect hidden problems so they can be fixed before catastrophic failures occur and ensure your car runs more efficiently.  Scan Pro results are displayed in the VOYO App and can be sent by email or SMS to your mechanic. Use Scan Pro to find out how much a repair will cost and how long it will take before taking your car into the shop.

Based on the world’s most advanced connected car technology, VOYO is a small controller that plugs under your dash and is connected to your mobile phone running the VOYO App.  Unlike other consumer devices that only detect 5-10% of a car problems, VOYO with Scan Pro communicates with all of your car’s computers and reads all trouble codes similar to a professional scan tool used at a car dealership.  (Read more about Scan Pro’s technical specifications.)