VOYO With EcoStart

Add EcoStart in under 2 minutes

EcoStart is the world’s first plug and play Start/Stop system. Start/Stop is an anti-idling technology that saves fuel by shutting off the engine when the vehicle is stopped. Car manufacturers claim that Start/Stop increases fuel efficiency up to 10%. The average VOYO driver who saves 20 minutes of idling per day will save hundreds of dollars a year, reduce gas consumption by 60 gallons and decrease CO2 emissions by over 1200 lbs. To use EcoStart, a driver connects the VOYO and two Voyomotive Relays.  The VOYO app takes the user through the setup process and confirms all hardware is correctly installed.

Dynamic Control

VOYO with EcoStart is the only system that enables driver’s to decide when to shut off the engine. In standard Start/Stop systems, the car automatically shuts off the engine after the vehicle is stopped for a short period. Many drivers find this method bothersome in stop and go traffic or other short stops. By comparison, VOYO with EcoStart allows the driver to use the footbrake to shut off and restart the engine. With EcoStart, the driver brings the vehicle to a stop with their foot on the brake, then makes a slightly deeper press to command an engine shutdown. By slightly releasing pressure on the brake, the driver restarts the engine. A VOYO restart is fast, efficient, and clean and it all takes place while the transmission remains in Drive!

Integration with the Voyomotive Cloud

VOYO is helping to create the next generation of mapping systems and exchanges data with the Voyomotive Cloud to allow drivers to better decide when to shut off the engine. The Voyomotive Cloud collects and records the average stop time at a given intersection and this data is made available to all drivers using the VOYO App. When the driver shuts off the engine at an intersection, a timer icon appears that shows the driver how long the engine has been shut off compared to the recorded average. These stop times are then aggregated in the app to determine how much money, gas, and CO2 has been saved. The more drivers share the stop times with the Voyomotive Cloud, the more complete and accurate our data becomes.

Have further questions?  Check out the EcoStart FAQ.