New study shows VOYO with Scan Pro 5X more powerful at detecting car problems

recent study found that VOYO with Scan Pro is over 5X more powerful at finding car problems compared to the competition.  The study involved hundreds of vehicles including many popular models of passenger vehicles.

Study findings include:

  • Standard OBD-II devices could only detect 19% of the available trouble codes.
  • 81% of the trouble codes required advanced diagnostic capabilities.
  • Multiple types of problems were detected with many involving safety systems and decreased fuel efficiency.  Very often there was no indication from a “check engine” light.

Scan Pro = improved performance and driving safety!

  • Standard OBD-II devices only read generic codes from a single vehicle computer and would have only detected 1 in 5 problems.
  • VOYO with Scan Pro reads ALL error codes from ALL vehicle computers and reports other helpful advanced diagnostic data.

Scan Pro reads codes just like professional diagnostic equipment and monitors your car in real time.  Decrease your repair costs while increasing safety by detecting your car’s problems at the earliest possible moment with Scan Pro.  Results are displayed in the VOYO App and can be sent by email or SMS to your mechanic. Use Scan Pro to find out how much a repair will cost and how long it will take before taking your car into the shop.

VOYO is plug and play and takes less than two minutes to set up on your car.  To learn about the other safety, security and convenience features provided by VOYO go to

Save time. Save money.  Try VOYO with Scan Pro.

Team VOYO!