LOCKDOWN – Voyomotive Announces New Anti-hacking Car App

(Note: VOYO pre-orders will be granted a 1-year free subscription to Premium Pack services.)
Voyomotive issued a press release on its new LOCKDOWN app today which is a first of its kind security system to prevent wireless door hacking and car theft. This type of hack is a pervasive and growing global problem in which thieves use handheld electronic devices to unlock car doors. Wireless hacks disarm the vehicle security systems and take mere seconds to gain entry into a vehicle. In some cases, vehicles with keyless ignition can be driven off or stolen by reprogramming a new ignition key. You can see footage of car hacks taking place here, here and here.  Click here to see a demonstration of LOCKDOWN.

Voyomotive’s LOCKDOWN adds an additional layer of security that uses two-factor authentication to authorize vehicle entry and engine start. The LOCKDOWN app runs from a smart phone and operates on VOYO hardware (e.g. controller and relay). When LOCKDOWN is turned on, VOYO confirms that the authorized user is present by making an encrypted connection with the user’s smart phone app.

If an unauthorized user tries to enter the vehicle LOCKDOWN springs into action by:

i) Honking the horn and flashing the vehicle lights
ii) Relocking the doors
iii) Immobilizing the vehicle engine

LOCKDOWN takes a stealth intrusion and draws unwanted attention to the thief, limits entry into the vehicle and prevents the car from being driven off. The LOCKDOWN app works against all types of wireless door hacks as well as unauthorized use of a key fob.

LOCKDOWN will be available in 2017 and is included in the VOYO Premium Pack services. Kickstarter backers will be subscribed to LOCKDOWN according to their support level and pre-orders will receive a 1 year Premium Pack subscription.


When will LOCKDOWN be available?

LOCKDOWN will be released in 2017.

What VOYO hardware is required to run LOCKDOWN?

The VOYO Controller provides horn honking, lights flashing and door relocking. A VOYO Relay is required to add engine immobilization.

How do I use LOCKDOWN?

LOCKDOWN can be turned on or off from within the VOYO app. Users can also select a timer feature to have LOCKDOWN activate between certain times such as when you are sleeping. Outside of this selected time interval, the LOCKDOWN app goes into standby and your vehicle can be entered and operated without the use of your smart phone.

Will LOCKDOWN work on my car?

Check here to see which VOYO features are supported for your vehicle. Cars that support lock/unlock and immobilization will also be able to use LOCKDOWN.

What is included in Premium Pack services and how much does it cost?

Premium Pack services include LOCKDOWN, Autokey, AutoTrunk, AutoTimer, AutoStop, AutoMobilize, and Immobilizer Clock. Premium Pack services cost $30/year.