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We plan a Kickstarter campaign in the months ahead! Supporters can either purchase a VOYO or a VOYO with our wireless relays. Be one of the first to try VOYO’s exciting new features such as AutoKey, Driver Alert Notifications, Aware Alerts, Immobilization, EcoStart and much more.

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Our KickStarter supporters are our partners!

After VOYO ships, our supporters will help us fine tune our Cloud based services, security and fuel saving apps and gamification features. Want to be part of the team that helps develop the next generation navigation app? Our early supporters will be critical in helping us detect and crowdsource driving hazards which are posted as Aware Alerts for to other users to see in the VOYO app.

To show our appreciation!

Kickstarter backers will receive Premium Pack upgrades for their VOYOs.

Limited Quantity

Only a limited number of VOYOs and wireless relays will be made available for the Kickstarter campaign. Sign up for our updates so you don’t get left out!

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