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The Voyomotive GateWay provides developers with essential vehicle data needed to create tomorrow’s leading edge telematics applications and services.  From “proof of concept” to commercial launch, GateWay is a cost effective solution adaptable to all stages of development. The data provided by GateWay is typically not available from OEM or other aftermarket telematics systems and is ideally suited for AI, Machine Learning, Driverless Car, and app development.

Research/Concept Development:

Test your concept by downloading vehicle datasets ideally suited for analytics and app testing.

Pilot Testing:

Refine your concept with Voyomotive telematics devices and API’s using cars and drivers that match your requirements and create the data needed to integrate with your mobile apps and enterprise systems.


Proceed with confidence that your R&D investment is ready to scale based on the industry’s most advanced telematics platform.

Voyomotive provides developers with key data on vehicle operating parameters, driver behavior, environmental conditions and activation of critical safety systems.  A professional scan tool level diagnostic accessing all vehicle computers is also available for many car models. Voyomotive data is particularly useful for the insurance, automotive service, car/ride sharing and fleet management sectors.

There is no cost to join GateWay; however, the program is limited to corporate partners and software developers. Use your LinkedIn account for instant access or apply by filling out the GateWay Partner Application.

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