VOYO with FailSafe
Advanced Battery Health

Voyomotive is partnering with Intelematics, a leading provider of automotive analytics, to offer FailSAFE battery checks to vehicle owners. The FailSAFE algorithm uses advanced data collected by VOYO and generates a warning if there is a >70% chance of battery failure within the next 2-4 weeks. An initial report is provided after the first 30 engine starts. Every subsequent start is monitored and if FailSAFE detects a problem, a warning is issued in the VOYO app and by SMS. The vehicle should then be inspected by a qualified mechanic, including the battery’s ability to hold a charge.

Over 50 million car batteries are replaced every year in the USA and battery failures are one of the leading causes for roadside service and a major source of time and money lost.

Important Notice: FailSAFE is currently not supported for hybrid
or electric vehicles.