Voyomotive API

What type of apps can you build with 100X the data?

VOYO provides the “last digital mile” for connected car applications.

VOYO provides data on 70 – 100 vehicle parameters including:

Vehicle Identity: VIN, Make, Model, Year
Vehicle Parameters: Engine, Electrical, and Entertainment-related data, Odometer
Safety Systems: Traction control, Stability control, Seat-belt status
Actuator Status: Door locks, Trunk, Horn
Diagnostics: Generic and Proprietary DTC reporting
Custom Parameters: Thousands of variables available

Unmatched data for phone apps and enterprise level systems:

User-Based Insurance, Traffic Management, Driver Scoring, Expense Tracking, IOT home integration, Car Sharing, Fleet Management, Car Service Centers,  Emissions tracking, etc.

Voyomotive API & SDK are coming soon!

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